Optimizing the personal finances
of entrepreneurs and investors

We offer our expertise to carefully selected individuals and families. We seek to provide high-quality independent advice on everything that is important to your personal finances, and we take great pride in fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

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Selecting an advisor

We know that it is difficult to create substantial wealth.

It is often the cumulative outcome of many years of early mornings and late nights, of flights and hotel rooms across the globe that blur together, of being your own toughest critic, and of staying confident and resilient in the face of the many obstacles along the way.

We know this world because we live it too.

We believe that the professionals you trust to manage your hard-earned wealth should have the same focus, intensity, and passion for excellence that enabled you to build your wealth in the first place.

Selecting a financial advisor is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. We believe that you should run the same type of thoughtful process for selecting a financial advisor as you would run for filling a critical leadership position in your professional life. Your financial advisor should share your ethics, values, and intensity, and be of your intellectual caliber.

The Problem We Solve

We believe that your personal finances are a complex optimization function, where all of the components are interconnected and every component is important.

Solving this optimization function on an ongoing basis is difficult and time-consuming for individuals to do on their own, and the impact of not being optimized can be substantial, in both direct costs and in foregone opportunities.

Our firm has built the experience to keep your personal finances optimized as life happens.

What we do

When you join Trevian Wealth Management, we endeavor to optimize every part of your personal finances.

On an ongoing basis, we disproportionately invest our time in providing advice when you reach an inflection point in your life. These are the times when you are making major life decisions, which is when our advice can add dramatic value to the ultimate outcomes.

Examples of inflection points include: changing jobs, starting or selling a business, raising capital, buying or selling real estate, marriage, planning for children, deciding when to retire, and negotiating for or selling stock options, private company stock, or carried interest.

The areas across which we optimize include:

Asset allocation
Asset location
Carried interest
Cash management
Estate planning
Liability management
Liquidity management
Private company stock
Real estate
Restricted stock
Spend analysis
Stock options

Given our focus on entrepreneurs and investors, we are well-versed in concentrated holdings of private company stock, stock options, restricted stock, carried interest, and GP/LP structures.

In addition to our in-house experience, we have built a network of trusted specialists, to which our clients have full access, and we of course partner with our clients’ existing tax, legal and other advisors.

In short, if it is important to you, it is important to us, and we will leverage our knowledge and network to provide you with expert advice and guidance.

our investing philosophy

Long-term investors outperform short term investors
We have direct familiarity with some of the most sophisticated institutional financial engineering, and understand even the most complex financial instruments.  With that knowledge, we believe that most complexity does not benefit the investor and should be avoided
Risk is the permanent loss of capital, not price volatility
The best way to compound wealth over decades is to maintain a thoughtful asset allocation, remain invested (i.e., not attempt to time the market), and keep costs and fees low
It is very difficult for an active manager to outperform a market index over decades after costs and fees, and it is even more difficult for an investor to correctly predict in advance which small percentage of managers will do so.  Therefore, we favor low-cost index funds and passive ETFs


We are proud of our fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

We are independent, entirely founder-owned, and we receive compensation only from our clients.  We do not participate in soft dollar programs or wrap fee programs, and we do not accept commissions or 12b-1 fees.

Clients of Trevian Wealth Management pay 1.2% on the first $3 million of assets, 1.0% on the next $3 million, 0.7% on the next $14 million, and 0.5% on the balance above $20 million.

We believe strongly in transparency and in the alignment of interests with our clients. We invest our own capital in the same securities as our clients.


Phil Swisher
Phil Swisher has worked for two billionaire families, has been an investment banker and investor at Goldman Sachs, and has worked directly for the owners of Brown Brothers Harriman.

As an entrepreneur, Phil has led a start-up in the recycling and trash management industry, founded and led a team inside a global bank that built innovative technology products for large bank and asset manager clients, and was part of a start-up that acquired control of a publicly-traded commercial bank.

At Goldman Sachs, Phil helped financial institutions raise billions of dollars of capital, and was also part of teams that invested billions of the firm’s capital in financial institutions and in a portfolio of power plants.

Phil currently advises the CEO of the Perkins School for the Blind on innovation, is a Techstars mentor, and teaches an executive education class on innovation and strategy at the Harvard Extension School. Phil has a BA in economics from Williams College and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He and his wife live in Weston, MA with their daughter and son.

Phil can be reached at phil.swisher@trevianwealth.com and 847-347-3000

More details about Phil are on his LinkedIn Profile

The Long-Term Vision for Trevian Wealth Management

Trevian Wealth Management is a “forever business” that our founder plans to operate for the rest of his working life. With a time horizon of many decades, strategic decisions that are normally complex become simple.

In building our team, we only hire people who we would want as mentors for our children. For clients, we accept only those who share our values, and with whom we want to partner for decades to come.

As a wholly founder-owned firm, we have no external pressure to grow our team or our client base, and can focus solely on what is in the best long-term interest of our clients.

Contact Us

Phil Swisher, our Founder & CEO, can be reached at:
phil.swisher@trevianwealth.com and 847-347-3000

We are headquartered near Boston, and travel the world to see our clients.

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